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Adding Value Through Home Improvement

You may be harboring thoughts of adding value to your present home, even you don’t plan to sell it soon. After all, this is not all about selling the home to someone else. It is also about obtaining better collateral and refinancing options. A home is one of our greatest investments in life. Increasing your home’s value only strengthens that investment.

Investing in a home improvement project is a great way to increase the value of a home. But not any project is right for every home, since not every project will substantially increase the value of every home.

The suggestions below have been shown to be very effective in all kinds of different locations.

Adding New Rooms

Do you wan to see the value of house shot up like greased lightening? Adding new rooms or a new bathroom is almost guaranteed to make a home more valuable. You may find that two homes may be the same in some ways, but the one that will be worth more is the one with more rooms or bathrooms. Homes become more valuable as they gain the ability to comfortably accomodate more people.

One way to achieve this is add a room on as an extension to your house. If you don’t have a lot of room within your property lines, you could even think of taking one larger room and making it into two smaller rooms. In the majority of cases this is still a value-adding renovation.

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Modernizing Your Kitchen And Bathrooms

When potential buyers look at a house, the rooms they give the most consideration to are the kitchen and the bathroom. Most buyers like large, airy kitchens with modern cabinets and appliances and upscale granite countertops. Of course, a kitchen makeover is an expensive project, but it makes a home much more valuable and appealing to buyers.

Another sticky area is bathrooms. A few good ideas include his and her vanities, additional cabinet space, and modern tubs with themed designs. You may find that you get a lot of pleasure out of your upgraded bathroom. A brand new bathroom is sure to improve the quality of living in the home right now.

Plumbing and Heating Upgrades

This is not glamorous after all, since you can’t show the changes to your friends. However, apart from increasing the value of your property, updating your heating and plumbing will help to prevent leaks and other disasters. This is particularly true when it comes to older properties, many of which use copper pipes and gas heating. For homes that still have illegal copper pipes, your municipality may offer funding to pay for replacements.

There are also a few minor renovations you can make, such as putting in new windows, adding plants around your home, and having the roof replaced. Just about any home improvement can increase the value of a home, but the most important three we discussed are the ones that offer the biggest bang for your hard earned money. Adding rooms, renovating the kitchen or bathrooms, or updating the utilities will add value and enjoyment in a home for years to come.

Best of luck with any renovations!


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