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We offer a total building service to SMB businesses and to residential home owners, situated centrally in London we offer competitive rates of service as local builders for your bespoke house or enterprise project.


Home Improvement Projects That Provide Great Return On Investment

Even if you have no plans to leave your home in the near future, it’s likely that you’re interested in adding value to it. It is not only about the resell value. It is also about having better collateral and obtaining better refinancing options. A house, no matter the size, is a big and important investment. Increasing your home’s value only strengthens that investment.

A home improvement project is one of the best ways to enhance the value of your home. Some renovations yield better results than others.

The suggestions below have been shown to be very effective in all kinds of different locations.

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Add More Rooms

Are you interested in quickly increasing property value? You can put in another bedroom or bathroom. Even if your house is almost exactly the same as another house on your street, it’ll be worth more if it has an additional room or bathroom. With additional rooms, larger families can move in and still have enough space for everyone, which is simply convenient.

Extensions of existing rooms is a way that your home can easily be expanded. Alternatively, if your lot is too small you can also add walls inside your home to split larger rooms into smaller ones. Another option would be to turn a larger room into two small rooms.

Remodel The Kitchen And All Bathrooms

Often for potential buyers it’s the kitchen and or bathroom that will sell the house. It is very common these days for people to expect large kitchens with new cabinets, granite counters and appliances made of stainless steel. A kitchen remodel can be expensive, but a worthy investment in the price of a home you are considering selling.

The bathrooms also play a focal role in increasing the value of your house. Incorporating unique design elements such as stand-alone bathtubs, Jacuzzi jets and hidden storage can all make your bathroom more appealing to buyers. Any contractor will tell you that the right bathroom renovation will not only add value but it will also add to your own enjoyment. People have to spend a lot of their time in the bathroom.

Redo the Heating and Plumbing System

Unlike bathroom and kitchen renovations, heating and plumbing aren’t something you can show off in a pretty photo. However, taking the steps to improve the heating and plumbing systems in the home can drastically improve the house’s value…and can also help eliminate leaks and other issues down the road. These updates are especially important if you have an older home with gas heating or copper pipes. Some locations have actually make copper piping illegal in homes, so the owners can get assistance with a plumbing project.

Other ideas for making home improvements include replacements for your windows, gutters and roof and manicuring your lawn. Although any type of home improvement can help to increase your properties value, these suggestions will bring the biggest rewards. Adding rooms, renovating the kitchen or bathrooms, or updating the utilities will add value and enjoyment in a home for years to come.

Great value can be brought by working to make a home more appealing and up-to-date!

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