You are planning to visit Italy? Italy is a beautiful country that you must visit. The combination of its natural beauty, history, culture, arts, and food makes it an unforgettable place to travel. To make your trip to Italy enjoyable and to avoid the hassles of not knowing, here are some tips.

First, be familiar with the basics of the area, such as its climate, currency and transport. Next, find out about any helpful ways to make your stay more pleasant. Here are some Italy travel tips.

Italy travel tips #1
Italy’s weather in spring and fall is between 55-75degF and 70–85degF (summer) and 40–55degF (winter). It is important to know the type of weather that you will be experiencing when you are visiting the area so you can bring the right kind of clothing and shoes.

Italy travel tips #2
Italian is the main language. English is only limitedly spoken.

Italy travel tips #3
The currency is the euro. Tipping is not a matter for everyone, but it is appreciated and expected in high-service restaurants and other places. Although service charges are common in restaurants, they are not charged to the waiters or staff. Italy’s average tip is 10%

Italy travel tips #4
You should shop between 9am and noon, and 3:30 to 7:15 pm. Most shops are open during these hours. Northern Italy has some variations. Shops may close earlier and lunch breaks might be shorter in Northern Italy. Italy has many shops that sell high quality goods at affordable prices. La Rinascente (La Rinascente), Standa, Upim and Coin are just a few examples of department stores you will find in towns and cities across the country.

Italy travel tips #5
Italy’s social culture has been heavily influenced and shaped by the Roman Catholic Church. It is therefore important that you observe all social customs. It is best to dress casually in most places, and to limit your beachwear to the beaches. For visits to smaller, traditional churches and religious buildings, it is expected that conservative clothing be worn. When invited, formal wear should be worn. Some public places, cinemas, buildings, as well as transport, prohibit smoking. It is crucial to be vigilant against theft in major cities.

Italy travel tips #6
Travel to Italy requires a passport. Visas are required for any tourist or business stay that exceeds 90 days. Italy currently does not charge departure taxes. Travel insurance is highly recommended to provide additional protection in the event that travel plans are cancelled or interrupted, lost or damaged baggage, delays or illness.

For a truly Italian vacation, you will need to learn more about Italy’s culture and people