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 Would you like to improve your mood, your sleep and your energy levels? Perhaps you’d like to manage your strain much more effectively or shift a nagging sense of anxiety? Did you know you could accomplish all this by way of something as uncomplicated and natural as touch?

It’s well recognized that therapeutic massage is a great method to unwind and escape from the pressures of modern life due to the fact it gives you the space and time to just be. But did you understand that normal therapeutic massage can assist promote great wellness by addressing the symptoms of stress such as high blood pressure, muscle tension and insomnia?

K P Massage Treatment specialises in therapeutic massage, facial therapeutic massage and Indian head therapeutic massage.

KP Massage trained with the lady who pioneered the use of therapeutic massage within the NHS, and also the person who is credited with bringing Indian Head Massage to the West. Her training is reinforced by her experience of working in mental health, which has given her a strong sense of the importance of the therapeutic bond.   K P Massage Therapy understand the need for mutual trust and respect between client and therapist which is integral to any successful therapeutic treatment. Accredited with ITEC and a member of your Federation of Holistic Therapists, she is also registered with the NHS Directory of Complementary Therapists.

K P Massage offers holistic therapeutic massage treatments in London Bridge, South London. To book an appointment please contact Kimberley on 0845 303 8392


0845 303 8392

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Therapeutic Massage and the benefits

Therapeutic massage is one of the finest techniques to maintain our entire body active so that you are 100% in stressful conditions at workplace or at home. Therapeutic massage is for people who do not have time to work out on a regular bas